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Church History

The Calvary Baptist Church was organized in 1923, at the home of Brother George Riley.  Services were held in a garage on Hardy Street in Mount Clemens.  There was a membership of approximately eight (8) people working and facing God.  The first Pastor called to the church was Rev. Pan.  Under his guidance the land on Rogell was given to the congregation and the first church was built.

Pastors succeeding him were:  Rev. Scott, Rev. Davis, and Rev. Fitzgerald.  Rev. Simpson was called to the church in 1933 and pastored the little wooden church (Calvary) on Rogen ran until 1937. Moving onward and upward, Rev. W. J. Pitman was called to pastor Calvary in 1937.  Under his leadership the first brick building was erected on Kentucky.

The church was united with the Sunday School Baptist Training Union and Choir Union Macomb County. In March 1953, Rev. William Hardy became pastor, under his direction a vestibule was added. After three years, Rev. Hardy's pastorship ended, at which time Rev. Daniel Snider became pastor.  Under his leadership, the baptism pool and dining area were added; the first church bus was purchased; and electricity was installed in the church. Rev. Snider led us with God by his side for six years.

In 1962, Rev. Felton Williams became pastor.  Calvary progressed under his leadership and the membership expanded rapidly and in 1970, Calvary moved to 35 North Ave in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan.  The church received local, state and national recognition.

In 1976, Rev. Williams resigned and Rev. John H. Lewis Sr. was installed as pastor of Calvary. He worked untiringly with the congregation to have the church paneled, the ceiling dropped; a firewall installed, a furnace room, and purchased office furniture, a new organ and piano. 

In June of 1991 by the grace of God and Rev. Lewis' leadership, a new edifice was built. Even though the old church was torn down and the new one sits in its place, the address was changed to 67 South Bound Gratiot.

In 1996 Rev. Lewis went home to Glory and Rev. Joe E. Cole was installed as pastor of Calvary. Under his leadership the baptismal pool, church marquee and elevator was installed and in 2006 the church mortgage was paid off.

In 2013, Rev. Cole retired and Rev. John H. Grice Jr. was installed as pastor of Calvary. He is presently the pastor of Calvary.

Calvary's prayer is to continue believing and trusting in God that we may be worthy of the many blessing that the Lord has bestowed on us "For We Walk by Faith and not by Sight".